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We were thrilled to see Larissa Tosch, CIO of Glatfelter Insurance included a piece about  the habits of highly effective digital leaders on CIO magazine. Glatfelter is an Insurity client, and we’ve worked extensively with Larissa.

In the article, she discusses the importance of keeping all teams, from IT to business, involved in the process and willing to collaborate. She also points out how it can be tough for an IT team to collaborate when their goal may encounter hurdles:

“The risk is that the IT department has fully exposed the ‘sausage-making process,’ which is typically still raw. Yet, when teams are comprised of business people and IT, which is the case at Glatfelter, they will know anyway when IT makes a mistake.

In our dealings with Glatfelter, we found Larissa and her organization to be incredibly open and collaborative. In our most recent installation, our teams worked together to shadow Glatfelter’s claims department and thoroughly understand how that team operated.

The result of this approach wasn’t a new system to do the “same old thing.” Instead, it was an entirely new way to approach the claims process, which removed friction for claims employees, and allowed Larissa’s team to sunset a number of legacy technologies.

You can read more about it here.