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For the last decade, the insurance space has been rapidly undergoing digital transformation in all areas and processes, from the back-end through distribution, with the purpose of meeting client expectations that are being set by other industries. As insurers continue to work their way through growing pains, it is our responsibility as technology providers to help them achieve this goal and provide software that doesn’t just assist them now but also where they will end up.

That’s why I’m proud to share with our clients and partners that this morning Insurity announced a new approach for the company, incorporating all of the experience, expertise and technology we’ve acquired over the last few years into a new, client-centric company that adds value to our clients’ bottom and top lines. In short, we’re streamlining our market approach to focus on three key elements.

Speed to Value

Insurity’s proven platform and easily configurable tools enable our clients to rapidly respond to market conditions and make changes quickly and efficiently. Speed to value applies to all aspects of our client lifecycle, as well as the life cycles of their policyholders. We’re able to implement solutions in a fraction of the time other core systems providers require. We allow insurers to easily configure workflows to match their tasks and remain self-sufficient, rather than requiring them to fundamentally change their approach or always rely on our IT teams. Our ability to incorporate data from hundreds of sources, including the only automated regulatory update solution in the market, enables workloads to remain current in spite of a changing insurance landscape. The API-based microservices architecture makes sure data is always in the right place to deliver actionable insights, whether you’re using one of our solutions standalone or integrating multiple across policy, billing, claims or predictive analytics.

Industry Expertise

Through our acquisitions and organic growth, we’ve built perhaps the most robust industry expertise in the insurance market, including carriers. We have SMEs who have been involved in more than 100 lines of business, and who average more than 15 years in insurance. We speak the same language as our clients, which helps us build more effective solutions for them.

Cloud Technology Leader

We’ve surpassed 200 cloud implementations, and offer the industry’s more advanced and experienced cloud operations team. Our scalable, highly secure and reliable cloud-based solutions increase cost-efficiency, flexibility and enable us to provide the strongest service levels in the insurance market.

In the coming weeks, we’ll delve deeper into each of these critical pillars, both here on the blog, and in meetings with our clients and prospects. For now, the critical takeaway for all of our stakeholders, including our employees, partners and clients, is that we make technology simplify insurance.