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Insurity solutions are offering more than 300 property and casualty insurers a simplified insurance experience. We value our lasting partnerships with our customers, enabling them to move forward with modern technology and meet evolving business needs.

Valuable Partnerships

We invest in lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring our technology solutions are built for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s needs.

Our Customers


“Insurity’s solution will not only enable us to improve communication and interactions with our customers, but also ensure that we continue to run our business in the efficient and effective manner which has made us successful for years.”

Keith Brownfield

President, Victory Insurance

Client Stories

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve helped our customers succeed.

A Better Agent Experience

A leading specialty underwriter of complex coastal property risks needed a technology solution to deliver a superior experience to its agents. To quote and bind different coverages, the company requires specific information from homeowners or business owners. Combining the Bridge Specialty Suite along with Insurity’s deep expertise, extensive knowledge of their target markets and industry data, the specialty underwriter is successfully delivering agents a streamlined digital experience that’s similar to what they might find in the best consumer products. Agents can go online and receive multiple quotes and “you might also like” coverage recommendations with a minimal number of steps.

Accelerating Product Launches

A national insurer challenged its team to develop new products as well as enhance and improve existing products to bolster its market position. But the insurer realized its current policy administration system couldn’t support the launch of these new products or enhancements fast enough to meet market demands. The insurer desired a new policy administration system that would give its team the flexibility they needed to configure and update products without relying heavily on a vendor or the release of new software. In addition, underwriters needed to collaborate with the various distribution channels across their lines of business in a consistent way that enhanced the service experience while demonstrating the insurer’s technical prowess.