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Digital Services Platform

Powering the Digital Experience

Insurity’s Digital Services Platform offers clients access to a wide array of data and functions across the full policy lifecycle, including integration of third-party services.

Simplifed Usage

 Insurity’s Digital Services Platform was built to simplify usage for our clients and partners by utilizing standard Application Programming
Interfaces (APIs) to support data access, calculation and process capabilities for the following digital services:

  • Policy
  • Claims
  • Billing
  • Search and List
  • Data Entry Retrieval and Update
  • Data Classification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Clearance
  • Underwriting
  • Predictive Scoring
  • Rating
  • Document Generation
  • Bureau Content

Easy to Use for Clients and Partners

Our Digital Services Platform gets clients up and running quickly and supports all property & casualty operations. Combined with a non-proprietary ACORD XML integration model, it makes insurers far more efficient, allowing them to drive value faster.


Designed for Ease of Use

Structured specifically to simplify usage by our clients and partners:

  • Industry standard RESTful structure
  • Complete and consistent documentation
  • Streamlined cloud-based access and management
  • Integrated to Insurity access security and authentication
  • Well-structured documentation and sample code
  • Playground test environments.

Usage Scenarios

Leveraged by our clients across a variety of usage scenarios:

  • “Headless” access to core processing systems helps clients build their own front-end portals and extend Insurity’s core processing capabilities.
  • Data services support clients’ development of integrated digital user experiences.
  • Clients have instant access to proprietary underwriting, rating, forms generation, automated claims adjustment and other core systems components.
  • Proprietary premium rating engines allow clients to retrieve tax and fee calculations across all states and products.
  • For compliance purposes, clients can scan entities against over 100 global watchlists.