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DigitalXPerience Studio

Create Compelling Digital User Experiences

DigitalXPerience Studio gives Insurity clients the tools to power their creativity and build unique user interfaces that differentiate the experience they offer from that of competitors.
Powered by SmartView, Insurity’s proprietary data presentation and visualization technology, Insurity’s DigitalXPerience Studio allows clients to combine and present information across all Insurity systems, along with data from any backend system, third-party data provider and even the public Internet.

SmartView’s mobile capability enables users to access any of their visualizations on their iPhone or Android devices, even offline. SmartView is also integrated with all Insurity’s Suites including Decisions Suite and DecisionsXPress Suite, Bridge Specialty Suite and BridgeXPress Suite, Workers’ CompXPress Suite and Oceanwide Marine Suite.

Key Features of the DigitalXPerience Studio

With UI technologies constantly changing, our DigitalXPerience Studio provides clients protection against obsolescence and costly rewrites with a complete, integrated UI solution that protects applications from having to rewrite or refactor screens when client-side or UI technologies change, or new devices emerge.

Built-in access to all Insurity core applications via the Insurity Digital Services Platform.

Native support for web browsers, Apple OS and Android apps, Windows, Chatbot, Facebook Messenger and more.

Easy integration with any application via industry standard RESTful APIs.

Instant previews of client UI behaviors under a variety of conditions for quick, easy testing and refinement.

Easy end-user, browser-based configuration with instantaneous response built into the generated applications.

Use of industry standard and latest UI toolkits for standard and customized skins.

Responsive form layouts that prioritize the most essential data elements and structures.

Fast asynchronous updates with built-in caching.

Automatically connect and consume Insurity Digital Services APIs with no extra learning needed.