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Industry Content

Informed Decisions

Insurance organizations rely on a variety of external data to make informed decisions that shape products, pricing and services. Insurity brings thought leadership and industry content to our clients so they can make better decisions about the risks they assume.

Statutory Content

Insurity delivers content from rating bureaus and other statutory sources that facilitate quoting, binding and insurance policy issuance.


Rates, Rules and Forms

Insurity brings together content from the Insurance Services Office, American Association of Insurance Services, the National Council on Compensation Insurance, and more.

Tax Rates

Jurisdictions vary widely in the taxes they impose on premiums and other items. Insurity simplifies the process of staying current on tax rates, so insurers can build more precision into the rates they charge.

Company-Specific Deviations

Clients sometimes have particular business needs that require deviating from industry-standard rates and forms. Insurity supports these exceptions, so clients can maintain productivity and efficiency.

Sanctions Lists

Complying with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and other sanctions is challenging, and the penalties for violations can be steep. Insurity supports the risk assessment and underwriting process with up-to-date content.

Risk Assessment Data

Insurity’s industry content offers a clearer picture of risks and exposures, in several categories.

Property Risks
Insurance organizations rely on property data, including property valuations and replacement cost.

Location, Location
Where a property is makes a big difference in its exposure profile. Insurity content includes distance to the coast, catastrophe risk and sinkhole risk.

Credit & Predictive Analytics
Access to credit profiles and predictive analytics take the guesswork out of evaluating and pricing risks.

Third-Party Data
Efficiency gets a boost with Insurity’s data pre-fill, data validation and third-party underwriting analyses.

Benefits to Business

Insurity’s industry content offers multiple benefits for insurance organizations.

Speed to Value

With industry content, clients don’t have to wait to see value in their existing lines of business, and they can enhance the value of their existing content.


Insurity delivers unmatched value to insurance industry clients and enables them to reduce the expense of acquiring industry content on their own.

Comprehensive & High-Quality

Insurity’s content from rating bureaus and third-party sources gives clients confidence that they can rely on comprehensive and high-quality data on which to base their decisions.