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Transforming Customer Service

Built by our team of insurance, customer service, and artificial intelligence experts focused entirely on delivering an incredible customer experience for all—agents, brokers and policy holders.

Before InsurBot

Typical duration: 1-2 hours

After InsurBot

Typical duration: Minutes

Immediate Customer Satisfaction

  • No wait time, no matter how many customers
  • Messaging, voice or browser—it’s the customers’ choice
  • Delivers an on-brand personality and tone
  • Identifies and transfers critical requests to a live agent

The Latest Features

Messaging, voice, or browser we make it easy for customers to connect, anyway they like.

Immediate Response

There’s no wait time. Instantly scalable.

Immediate Response

There’s no wait time. Instantly scalable.

Customer Recognition

Customer specific greetings and proactive retrieval of their account information.

Alert Capability

Proactively notify customers of important information and upcoming policy milestones.

Emergency Detection

Intelligently transfers complex matters to a live agent, increasing trust.

Warm Transfer

Maintain customer conversation context when transferring to a live agent.

Our Partners

“Not only were we able to improve customer satisfaction and lower costs, the team at InsurBot helped us to define a technology strategy that allowed us to differentiate the experience we offer and create a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage.”

Marissa Buckley

VP of Marketing & Brand Experience, Security First Insurance Company