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Global Insurance Carriers

A World of Opportunity

In a world that’s more connected and complex, a diverse range of products and presence in multiple markets offer global insurers a wealth of business opportunities, However, competitive and operational pressures can make profitable growth hard to achieve.

Three Key Areas of Focus

Global insurance carriers are focusing on tools to enable growth and leverage capabilities.

Profitable Growth

Global insurers are not alone in seeking growth, but with large expense bases, legacy infrastructure and continuing competition, they’re focusing on ways to improve profitability and speed to market.

Unlocking Data Insights

The volumes of data that global insurers possess have the potential to enhance decision making, but only if that data can be organized and analyzed efficiently.

Spending Capital Intelligently

Digital enablement, system modernization and automation are critical to increasing global insurers’ productivity and delivering more engaging experiences.

Benefits to Business

Global insurers gain several benefits from solutions that fill their business needs.

Speed to Market

Global insurers can thrive when they’re flexible, able to react more quickly to changing conditions, accelerate product launches and expand into new markets.

Actionable Insights

More informed insights from data and analytics let global insurers improve their risk selection and pricing, and develop clearer strategies for growth.

Empowering Experiences

Global insurers gain sustainable advantages through technology that empowers their people, customers and distribution channel partners.

How Insurity Helps Global Insurers

Insurity solutions strengthen global insurers’ ability to compete. Our flexible solutions allow global insurers to weather the demands and disruptions of a complex market with multiple distribution channels. From policy solutions that improve speed to market, to claims solutions, to data & analytics and digital enablement, global insurers running Insurity’s solutions gain a world of growth opportunity.

Core Processing

Solutions for core processes, for policies alone or an integrated suite, for commercial lines in North America with regulatory and bureau support.

Digital Enablement

A complete, state-of-the-art toolkit to build fascinating user experience and digital services.

Enterprise Claims

A multinational enterprise claims management system.

Enterprise Data & Analytics

Enterprise data warehouse and data hub to consolidate and integrate data across multiple core systems for analytics and reporting.

Global Marine

An integrated multinational, multi-currency, multi-lingual solution for global marine cargo operations.

Tactical Solutions

Tactical solutions for the development, management, distribution and processing of specialty products in multiple currencies and languages.

Predictive Analytics

A platform to integrate predictive algorithms into policy and claims processing workflows and report on their use and effectiveness.

Predictive synthetic variables leveraging real-world industry data drive rating algorithms in new or growing markets.