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MGAs & Brokers

The Future is Here

As intermediaries between clients and carriers, MGAs and brokers are seeking ways to enhance their value and safeguard their intermediary role for the future.

Areas of Focus

MGAs and brokers are focusing on smart, all-in-one place, easy-to-use functionality to meet client and carrier needs.

Flexible, User-friendly Solutions

Instead of waiting weeks or even months to receive a policy or an endorsement from a carrier, MGAs and brokers want access to operating models that are flexible and work with multiple distribution channels.

Affordable Technology

MGAs and brokers want affordable technology that is self-supporting and will make doing business with carriers and clients easier and more responsive to client needs.

Support for Unique Business Needs

Many MGAs and brokers want technology that will allow them to build specialty programs, analyze data to find new business opportunities and provide flexible deployment and implementation options.

Move from Intermediary to Valued Partner

Flexible, integrated suites and core business process solutions allow clients to focus on their business and add value to their clients.

Innovation is key to adding value to the intermediary role and helps MGAs and brokers grow and remain competitive. To do that, they need business processes that provide cost-effective ways to quickly introduce innovative products.

Leveraging Automation
Automation in core business processes enables MGAs and brokers to focus on delivering enhanced service and pursue innovation.

Expanding Service and Access
Delivering distinctive service and making it easy to access information are two ways MGAs and brokers can strengthen their competitiveness.

How Insurity Helps MGAs & Brokers

Insurity’s deep expertise in cloud technology and understanding of the insurance industry offers
MGAs & brokers compelling technology solutions that provide affordable, cost-effective technology.

Insurity Policy Solutions

Our policy solutions work within your current environment and scale to meet the needs of MGAs and brokers.

Insurity Claims Solutions

An enterprise claims management system is a powerful ally for insurance organizations.

Data & Analytics

Predictive analytics and tools leverage real-world industry data across all U.S. states and class codes to drive rating algorithms.

Digital Enablement

A complete, state-of-the-art toolkit to build fascinating user experience and digital services