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Marine Cargo Insurers & Brokers

Full Steam Ahead

Marine insurers, managing general agents and insurance brokers handling cargo risks operate in an environment with a lot of moving parts — literally. Keeping track of and protecting all those components becomes less challenging with the right technology to keep their business moving forward.

Charting a Course

Marine insurers, MGAs and insurance brokers are looking for the best ways to navigate toward their goals.

Competitive Advantage

Differentiating through products and services is a proven way to acquire a competitive advantage in insurance. Marine cargo insurance is a specialized but still competitive marketplace.

Emerging Risks

From sourcing components and labor to selling products in new markets, a wide range of businesses today have marine cargo exposures. More than ever, cargo insurance providers need to identify and assess emerging risks.

Regulatory Compliance

Keeping up with changing regulations and sanctions can be a full-time task in cargo insurance. With real-time data, marine cargo insurers can follow their growth strategies while ensuring they remain compliant.

Smoother Sailing

The right technology brings advantages to marine cargo insurers, MGAs and brokers.

Accelerated Implementation

Speed is a significant competitive advantage in logistics as well as the business of insuring cargo. Quicker implementation of technology keeps organizations out in front.


Efficient administration of marine cargo policies requires easy collaboration with multiple parties. When all involved are on the same page, business can flow.

A Global View

As a truly global business that underpins trade and economic growth, cargo insurance  often involves multiple languages and currencies. Technology that offers a global view lets users focus on growth opportunities.

Insurity Supports Marine Cargo Insurance

Insurity offers comprehensive integrated solutions for marine cargo insurance, including policy administration,
rating, certificates, shipment and storage declarations, billing and claims management.

Insurity Policy Solutions

Our policy solutions work within your current environment and scale to meet your needs.

Insurity Integrated Suites

Our scalable, integrated suites deliver core business processes and much more.