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Municipalities & Government Entities

Stretching Resources

Government entities and municipalities face daunting risk management and budgetary challenges that are requiring them to rethink and refine their core processes while still delivering day-to-day services.

Areas of Focus

Government entities and municipalities want technology that not only improves their ability to manage claims across a wide swath of services from fire and police departments to public works and business licenses, but also allows them to collect and analyze claims data.

Making Complexity Simpler

Managing expenses such as claims while organizing staff, resources and support activities is not easy. More time spent on administering claims means less time to improve the delivery of public services.

Ready to Go

Speed is valuable in claims response and access to data. It’s especially important to government entities and municipalities in determining how effectively the entity is delivering services and interacting in a user-friendly manner with residents.


Modern technology and process enable public entities to balance their mission to serve with improving the experience for users.

Adding Value to Government Entities

Insurity offers government entities and municipalities the opportunity to use modern technology to deliver consistent, satisfying experiences to their residents.

Easier Access
Insurity offers a claims administration system that will keep pace with the expanding services residents demand.

Leveraging Automation
With robust features and intuitive design, Insurity’s claims technology will improve productivity, making it easier for staff to interact with and serve their community.

Expanding Services
Insurity offers government entities a more efficient way to collect data on usage and quality of experience across core claims processes to determine what’s working, what isn’t and to allow for a refinement of services to build a better experience for the community.

How Insurity Helps Government Entities & Municipalities

Insurity’s leadership in cloud technology and deep understanding of the insurance industry offers government entities and municipalities compelling technology solutions to provide cost-effective, flexible claims and data analytics solutions to meet the complex challenges they face.

Claims Solutions

A flexible claims management system is the perfect ally for government entities & municipalities.