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National Insurance Carriers

Coast to Coast Competition

National insurers writing standard and specialty lines across many states, face stiff competition. Ease of doing business and speed to market can mean the difference between achieving growth goals or falling behind.

Major Areas of Focus

National insurance carriers are focused on flexible ways to maximize their distribution opportunities.


Standing out in a crowded market is not easy. National insurers realize that to meet their growth and profitability objectives, they must differentiate their products and services.

Emerging Risks

A dynamic world of risk offers the opportunity to introduce new products and other innovations. Streamlining operations and gaining insights on new risks are important first steps for national carriers.


Enhancing the customer experience — putting policyholders at the center and expanding access for distribution channel partners — is a proven formula for sustaining nationwide business growth.

From Pain to Gain

National insurers attain numerous benefits from flexible solutions.

Speed to Market
Innovation and timely release of needed coverages are keys for national insurers to enter new markets and classes of business.

Informed Insights
Analytics and better data management can inform business decisions, leading to strategic advantages and improvements in risk selection and pricing.

Enhanced Service
One of the most important ways national insurance carriers can differentiate is to deliver distinctive service. Technology that improves connections with customers and distribution channel partners paves a broad path to differentiation.

How Insurity Helps National Insurers

Insurity enables national insurers to improve operational efficiency within their existing technology environments. Our flexible solutions integrate quickly and easily with third-party systems, giving insurers control over costs and accelerating their entry into new markets.

Insurity Policy Solutions

Our policy solutions work within your current environment and scale to meet your needs.

Insurity Claims Solutions

An enterprise claims management system is a powerful ally for national insurers

Data & Analytics

Predictive analytics and tools leverage real-world industry data across all U.S. states and class codes to drive rating algorithms.

Digital Enablement

A complete, state-of-the-art toolkit to build fascinating user experience and digital services.