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Regional Insurance Carriers

Writing the Next Chapter

Regional Insurance Carriers often have long histories, along with entrenched operating processes. With competition from larger insurers as well as start-ups, regional carriers can struggle to modernize and retain their customers.

Areas of Focus

Regional insurance carriers are focused on cost-effective ways to become more efficient and competitive.

Cost and Efficiency

Operating models and expense structures can prevent regional insurers from responding quickly to changing market conditions and business opportunities. Improving operational efficiency and reducing costs is an important area for them.

Reimagining Core Markets

Growth for regional insurers can come from both new markets and new approaches to serving their core customers. The ability to adapt and introduce new products and services can keep regional carriers on the path to growth.

Remaining Independent

Consolidation across the industry is putting pressure on regional insurers that wish to remain independent. Sustaining growth and profitability requires them to strengthen their businesses and make doing business easier for agents and customers.

From Surviving to Thriving

Regional insurers gain benefits from flexible core business process solutions.

Regional insurers need to embrace innovation as a key to remaining competitive and growing. To do that, they need business processes that provide cost-effective ways to quickly introduce innovative products.

Leveraging Automation
Automation in core business processes enables regional carriers to focus on delivering enhanced services and pursue innovation. Modernizing outdated and obsolete technology infrastructure is a fundamental task.

Expanding Service and Access
Delivering distinctive service and making it easy for agents to access information are two key ways that regional carriers can strengthen their competitiveness.

How Insurity Helps Regional Insurers

Insurity’s deep expertise in cloud technology and understanding of the insurance industry offer regional insurers
compelling technology solutions that give carriers the confidence and capacity to stay competitive.

Insurity Policy Solutions

Our policy solutions work within your current environment and scale to meet your needs.

Insurity Claims Solutions

An enterprise claims management system is a powerful ally for regional insurers.

Data and Analytics

Predictive analytics and tools leverage real-world industry data across all U.S. states and class codes to drive rating algorithms.

Digital Enablement

A complete, state-of-the-art toolkit to build fascinating user experience and digital services.