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Self-Insured Funds/Groups (Workers’ Compensation)

Solutions Built for Your Business Model

Insurity understands the unique needs of a workers’ compensation self-insured fund. From policy/contract issuance to policyholder/member management, from the first notice of loss on a claim to reinsurance tracking, our solutions are built with your unique business model in mind.

Where Self-Insured Funds/Groups are Focusing

Insurity understands that Self-Insured Funds/Groups face challenges in updating their technology and that you desire to provide a workers’ compensation program that is flexible and easy for their members to use. We know that self-insured funds/groups often seek similar benefits including reducing complexity, digital transformation, and flexibility.

Reduced Complexity

From the systems supporting the business, to the interactions with members and claimants, self-insured funds are aggressively seeking ways to reduce the complexity of their business processes, relationships, and members.

Digital Transformation

Managing the idiosyncrasies of the workers’ compensation line of business is extremely challenging with a growing membership, market competition, and regulatory reporting. Legacy systems of the past simply cannot keep up with the need to digitally transform the business from the ground-up.

Flexible Solutions

The unique needs of a self-insured fund/group are not easily met by generic solutions in the marketplace making the transition from legacy solutions, or even spreadsheets, difficult. A solution designed for workers’ compensation, yet flexible enough to exceed the needs of a self-insured fund/group are essential.

Benefits to Self-Insured Funds/Groups

A rich feature set, a modern platform, and flexible configuration software offer affordable advantages for self-insured funds/groups.


Escape the inefficiencies of your legacy software and allow your business to thrive with a modern platform designed specifically for your business model. With our software-as-a-service, cloud-based offering, modern web-based portals, and visually compelling dashboards your business will be lean and efficient!

Comprehensive, Scalable Solutions

Everything you need to run your business, cater to your members, and serve claimants in a single, scalable solution. From quoting to issuance, retros to dividends, first report of injury to reserves, dashboards to end-user portals … it’s all here! Insurity has the solution perfect for your business.

Ease of Doing Business

Your business is built on relationships and common interests among your membership. Insurity solutions allow you to empower your employees and delight your members by being a technologically advanced partner who is easy to do business with.

How Insurity Helps Self-Insured Groups

Insurity’s comprehensive, flexible software solutions for self-insured funds/groups are designed specifically for your unique business needs and will allow your business to become more efficient while addressing the complexities of workers’ compensation easier than ever before!

Insurity Policy Solutions

Our policy solutions work within your current environment and scale to meet your needs.

Insurity Integrated Suites

Our scalable, integrated suites deliver core business processes and much more.

Insurity Claims Solutions

An enterprise claims management system is a powerful ally for Self-Insured Groups.