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State Funds

Meeting Needs Long-Term

Many workers’ compensation state funds have existed nearly as long as workers’ compensation insurance itself. To continue their important role in serving injured workers, funds must transform their operations to remain competitive.

Where State Funds are Focusing

Workers’ compensation state funds face challenges in updating their technology and staying strong amid stiff competition.

Digital Transformation

Many state funds take pride in tracing their histories more than 100 years. Aging technology infrastructure, however, will prevent them from becoming more efficient and moving into the future.

Promoting Value

A long-term commitment to serving workers in a complex line of business is a strong value proposition for state funds. To continue to attract business, they must enhance their value and promote it.

Staying Competitive

To compete with monoline insurers as well as multi-line companies, state funds must keep pace with advances that handle the complexities in workers’ compensation business and deliver better experiences for agents and policyholders.

Benefits for the Long Term

Modern, flexible solutions will provide long-term advantages for state funds.

Replacing obsolete or outdated core administrative systems creates cost efficiencies and improves productivity. State funds that streamline their operations become more nimble.

Enhanced Experiences
Adding digital access points and self-service options enables state funds to enhance the experiences of agents and policyholders. Ease of doing business is more than offering added value; today, it’s an expectation.

Expanding Products and Services
Upgraded technology improves delivery of products and services, strengthening the ability to compete.

How Insurity Helps State Funds

Insurity’s deep understanding of the complexities in workers’ compensation and leadership in technology
for the insurance industry enables us to deliver solutions that strengthen state funds.

Insurity Policy Solutions

Our policy solutions work within your current environment and scale to meet your needs.

Insurity Integrated Suites

Our scalable integrated suites deliver core business processes and much more, with full regulatory support.