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Workers’ Compensation Insurers

Growth and Profit are Full-Time Jobs

Workers’ compensation is a competitive line of business. It’s also complex. To achieve growth and improve profitability, workers’ compensation insurers need surefire ways to differentiate, control costs and manage compliance. The right solutions enable them to do that and more.

Areas of Focus

Workers’ compensation insurers are looking at ways to stand out and take control of their data.



In a competitive marketplace, differentiation is key to attracting and retaining customers. Workers’ compensation is a compulsory coverage for the vast majority of businesses, but there’s ample opportunity for insurers to offer distinctive service.

Cost Control

A long-term commitment to serving workers in a complex line of business is a strong value proposition for state funds. To continue to attract business, they must enhance their value and promote it.

Ease of Doing Business

Greater efficiency and flexibility allow insurers to handle the complexities of workers’ compensation and offer satisfying experiences to agents and policyholders.

Getting the Job Done

Flexible, intuitive technology platforms and data tools make a big difference in workers’ compensation insurance.

User Friendly

Insurers get more done, and do it faster, with platforms that are easy for employees, agents and policyholders to use.

Simplified Administration

With the right solutions, administering workers’ compensation policies and claims becomes a lot less complex.

A Step Ahead

Predictive analytics offer workers’ compensation insurers a view into the future, enabling them to anticipate and react faster to changing conditions.

How Insurity Helps Workers’ Compensation Insurers

Insurity’s vast knowledge of workers’ compensation and technology leadership in insurance offer solutions that enhance insurers’ competitiveness.

Insurity Integrated Suites

Our scalable integrated suites deliver core business processes and much more.

Insurity Claims Solutions

An enterprise claims management system is a powerful tool for insurers.

Data & Analytics

Predictive analytics and tools leverage real-world industry data across all U.S. states and class codes to drive rating algorithms.