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Designed for Success

Insurity’s solutions provide all the tools our clients need to enhance and grow their businesses. Value-added services ensure success with Insurity solutions, while flexible engagement models accommodate unique requirements and environments.

Flexible and Adaptable to Client Needs

Software Updates, Upgrades & Support

Insurity believes clients should benefit from the continuous addition of functionality and updates without major disruptive and costly upgrades. We deliver updates through non-disruptive methods, letting our clients choose when and how to receive them.

Cloud Hosting & Managed Services

Insurity’s Hosting & Managed Services allow clients to focus their resources on strategic business and IT initiatives. Our teams can manage all the daily functions associated with application and IT management. 

Implementation Services

Insurity has successfully launched over 200 implementations across insurance organizations of all sizes, with a multitude of cultures and internal resources. Our implementation services cover the full policy lifecycle, from implementation through production, including application development through testing, solution configuration, project management, client-specific and third-party integration services and data migration.

Expert Services

Insurity’s Insurance expertise and experience are the foundation of our extensive knowledge base, methodology and creation process. Our Expert Services include advice on role-based experiences and journey mapping, testing for user acceptance, business process design and training and certification.

Ensuring Compliance, Enhancing Creativity

Efficient, cost-effective alternatives for insurers with limited internal resources or requiring automated processes.


Bureau Content Management

More than ever, insurers must keep current with the growing number and complexity of regulatory changes. Today, several rating bureaus provide rates, rules and forms that standardize policies and pricing. However, virtually every carrier makes its own deviations to ISO or other bureau content in creating products. Insurity enables our clients to do this better for themselves or through our managed services, where our bureau content specialists monitor, analyze, interpret and integrate, add to the system and merge with exceptions on behalf of our clients.

Compliance Reporting

Insurity helps insurers identify and comply with statistical reporting requirements. Insurity’s compliance team handles all reporting to the relevant authorities on the client’s behalf, including ISO, NCCI, NAII and independent bureaus, making available errors and corrections, submission tracking and other information via an online reporting system.