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Claims Decisions

An Essential Tool

Claims Decisions is a complete claims administration system. For all standard property and casualty as well as specialty and custom lines of business, it may be the most valuable item in your claims toolbox.

  • Faster Claims Resolution
    Claims Decisions improves the speed and quality of claims handling, resulting in reduced expense and a better experience for policyholders.
  • Accelerated Decision-Making
    Easy integration with third-party systems puts the power of data into our clients hands, speeding up the claims organization’s ability to make informed decisions.
  • Multi-Party Collaboration
    When multiple people are involved in claims, from auditors to investigators, specialists and regulators, Claims Decisions connects them all, enhancing communication and collaboration.

Resolved to Closing Claims

Claims Decisions brings unrivaled efficiency and productivity to claims administration,
and in nearly every line of insurance.


Aligned with the Organization

Streamlined workflows empower adjusters to be productive and the claims team to get more done. Claims Decisions offers intuitive navigation that’s simple for everyone to use.

Reduce Loss Costs and Mitigate Expenses

The longer a claim stays open or requires more touch points, the more it tends to cost. Claims Decisions gives greater control over control loss costs and expenses.

Unequaled Versatility

Claims Decisions is built to administer all kinds of claims from high-volume to complex one-of-a-kind claims.

Make Better Decisions

The name says it all. Integrated with essential third-party data sources, Claims Decisions delivers the insights that lead to better decisions — and results.

Seize the Data

Claims Decisions connects with vast sets of data from rating bureaus and other sources. It brings timely information to the claims team’s fingertips.

Continuous Regulatory Compliance

Claims Decisions has mapped out and automated an extensive set of regulatory forms and required language, to ensure compliance with every claim.

Just to be Clear…

Clear communication in claims is essential, especially in complex claims with multiple stakeholders.
Claims Decisions makes communication easy for everyone who’s part of the process.


Get claims data on any device, anywhere. For organizations on the move, Claims Decisions keeps our clients’ processes flowing.

Manage Vendor Relationships

Claims Decisions’ vendor management tools simplify the task of monitoring and evaluating suppliers in the claims organization.

Enhance Customer Service

Claims Decisions makes memorable positive experiences for policyholders with a system that’s all about improving the claims process.

Not All Clouds are Created Equal

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