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Strong, Swift and Scalable

In insurance, no interaction has a greater long-term business impact than a claim. It’s the moment of truth for insurers and policyholders. ClaimsXPress maximizes insurers’ opportunities to deliver distinctive experiences that drive positive results.

  • Service-Oriented
    Claims service is a major differentiator for insurers, no matter the market. ClaimsXPress helps insurers enhance the claims experience, earn customers’ loyalty and drive more business from distribution channel partners.
  • Built for Scale
    Nimble companies know they can grow faster with efficient processes and systems that are able to scale. ClaimsXPress is designed with insurers’ growth in mind.
  • Ready to Perform
    Speed is valuable, in claims response and access to data. ClaimsXPress is a top performer in both areas, enabling users to accelerate their objectives.

Enhance the Claims Experience

Can a claims system be easy to use, modern and deliver consistent experiences to customers?
Meet ClaimsXPress.

Ease of Doing Business

Improve productivity and keep it there with the robust features and intuitive design of ClaimsXPress.


Delight customers with consistent experiences and timely, personalized service throughout the claims journey.

Modern and Future-Focused

A full digital environment offers the advantage of a highly secure cloud infrastructure, ready to go right out-of-the-box interfaces.

Keep Pace with Growth Plans

ClaimsXPress is a system that clients can depend on to grow with them, not hinder their growth.


ClaimsXPress users can launch new products and enter new markets with confidence, knowing the system’s intrinsic flexibility can adapt to changing needs.


ClaimsXPress clients have complete control to quickly and easily configure support for unique processes, customized dashboards and insights into specific claims.

Expert Support

ClaimsXPress comes with superior in-house, expert support that’s proud to serve as an extension of our clients’ IT team.

Seize the Power to Outperform

Enhanced Decision-Making

Turn claims data into business intelligences and gain insights to make more informed decisions.

Improved Workflow

Boost productivity in a snap with task automation and advanced business rules in ClaimsXPress.

Full Speed Ahead

Empower users to capture opportunities and meet growth objectives.

Not All Clouds are Created Equal

Insurity is the leading cloud solutions provider for property and casualty insurance, with more cloud deployments than any other provider in the industry. Insurity’s multi cloud view, and public and private cloud capabilities provide flexibility and options to meet clients’ business, infosec and regulatory requirements.

Over 250 clients in the Cloud

Users in over 100 countries


“Four nines” of availability

years of experience delivering core systems in the cloud

With Insurity’s SaaS offerings, clients can focus on growing their business, instead of worrying about their IT infrastructure.