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Insurity Data & Analytics Solutions

Gain Efficiencies and Opportunities

Insurity’s data and analytics solutions empower insurers to derive maximum value from the data they generate by turning it into usable forms accessible by all stakeholders.

The Pace of Change Has Never Been Faster 

New data sources emerge, existing ones go away. Insurity’s data and analytics solutions offer insurance industry clients a roadmap
for the future without sacrificing stability or causing major disruptions to their current flow of business.

Identify Assets

Our data and analytics solutions help you locate, identify and organize your data assets from a myriad of sources, including core applications, integrated and non-integrated third-party solutions, general ledger, regulatory agencies, social media and spreadsheets to assess your data picture

Data Model

Our data model is based on industry standards that reduce data complexities and streamline the process of organizing data

Collect and Aggregate

The next challenge is getting all that data into a usable form. Our solutions bring it into a unified, defined and similar data context that makes all that data accessible, reliable and consumable by your entire organization, distribution channel partners and customers

Data Availability

The sheer amount of data being generated, shared and managed is expanding at a record rate. Our solutions can help you turn information into insight, identify trends earlier and position your business to take advantage of the industry’s evolution.

Need Tools Beyond Data & Analytics?

Insurity offers integrated suites and other solutions that combine data and analytics with core business processes, such as policy administration,
billing and claims to offer clients more control and scalability of their data. Insurity’s data and analytics solutions include: