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Make the CIO Smile

Insurers are awash in data. It’s often housed in silos, making it challenging to manage and distribute across the organization. Now’s there’s a solution that will make the CIO smile.
  • DataHouse accepts data from any policy, billing, claims, reinsurance or MGA/TPA source applications.
  • A proven system with more than 45 clients, DataHouse is designed, developed and delivered exclusively for property and casualty insurers.
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment options are available.

Any Data, Anywhere, Any Time

DataHouse accepts data from any policy, billing, claims, reinsurance or MGA/TPA source applications. Drawing from the broadest and deepest data repositories in the industry based upon non-proprietary ACORD standards, DataHouse delivers reporting and analytics insights beyond what is available from any other data solution in the property and casualty marketplace.

DataHouse has multiple data repositories to store transactional and non-transactional data that accommodates detailed, summarized or bordereaux data.
DataHouse leverages its data repositories to provide data marts and analytics dashboards that deliver unmatched insights across key insurance areas including underwriting, actuarial, compliance, sales and marketing, policy and claims operations.
DataHouse includes a Client Extension Framework that allows the data models to be extended to incorporate any required client specific data attributes.

Extract Meaningful Data

DataHouse quickly and accurately transforms data generated by core processing systems and third party sources into information that is reliable, timely and usable.

Out of the box support for:

  • 31 Commercial, Personal & Specialty Lines of Business (LOBs)
  • 16,000+ data attributes
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment options

Integrated Intelligence and Big-Picture Insights

DataHouse is a comprehensive data solution designed to improve information availability and integrity across all applications which
leads to improved processes and more informed decision making based on facts, not perceptions and assumptions.

  • Data Integration Hub
    Supports integration using either ACORD XML or a structured file using our Structured Data Integration (SDI) capability.
  • Data Repositories
    Multiple repositories to deliver data in the different forms required by an insurance entity, with audit and reconciliation built in for data quality.  The repositories include Staging, Transactional Data Store (TDS), Operational Data Store (ODS) and Reference Data Store (RDS).
  • Data Marts and Cubes
    Comprehensive data marts and cubes deliver data in forms that are easily navigated and consumed by business users.
  • Reports and Analytics Dashboards
    DataHouse’s depth and breadth provide business insights that no other insurance data solution can match. Ad hoc reporting capability allows business users to create their own reports. The analytics dashboards provide dynamic slicing and dicing capability, letting clients respond to business opportunities and challenges as they happen.
  • Manual Data Correction
    DataHouse’s browser-based user interface allows authorized users to make data corrections in a way that provides a clear audit trail of changes.
  • Regulatory & Compliance Reporting
    DataHouse includes out of the box reporting for ISO, NCCI and NAIC.

Delivers Unprecedented Business Value

DataHouse serves as a workhorse to manage essential financial premium accounting,
statistical/bureau reporting and critical integrations, both internal and external.

  • DataHouse creates a comprehensive and robust data integration hub for use in organizations of any size, structure or complexity.
  • Allows for reliable sound balancing, reconciliation and exception reporting throughout the data solution.
  • Delivers business value and reduces IT complexity by accelerating traditionally difficult legacy modernization and system integrations.
  • DataHouse insulates the business and downstream applications from the impacts of underlying technical complexities of system changes during modernization.

Not All Clouds are Created Equal

Insurity is the leading cloud solutions provider for property and casualty insurance, with more cloud deployments than any other provider in the industry. Insurity’s multi cloud view, and public and private cloud capabilities provide flexibility and options to meet clients’ business, infosec and regulatory requirements.

Over 250 clients in the Cloud

Users in over 100 countries


“Four nines” of availability

years of experience delivering core systems in the cloud

With Insurity’s SaaS offerings, clients can focus on growing their business, instead of worrying about their IT infrastructure.