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SpatialKey Event Response

Before, during, and after catastrophe events, you need to quickly turn insight into action so your claims teams can demonstrate agility that enhances stakeholder and customer satisfaction. Our automated event notifications and analytics helps you proactively prepare and respond to events while enabling data to be shared across your organization and accelerating your response to catastrophes.

“Helps keep our clients ahead of the curve”

Catastrophe risks are evolving and require a new approach to event response. The use of automated technology helps keep our clients ahead of the curve. SpatialKey now provides event notifications to our clients in near real-time, with actionable and customized information. Holborn and SpatialKey both understand our clients’ needs for a competitive advantage. This new system includes features stemming from our ongoing collaboration and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with SpatialKey to develop a high-tech, flexible solution to address event management and response. Bottom line, we can deliver timely, detailed, event-level information to our clients so they, in turn, can expeditiously serve their insureds.

~Scott Rosenthal, SVP & Head of Analytics at Holborn

Rapidly understand and respond to claims as they’re happening

Evaluate outcomes in real time to manage response

Understand the impact of an event to quickly gauge loss potential, anticipate outcomes, and assess the impact to your bottom line, so you can effectively help customers and manage stakeholder expectations.

Develop a response strategy

Access event data anytime on the web, use your own portfolio data, as well as expert third-party data within SpatialKey to quickly prepare your claims team to respond to customers and enhance retention.

Track historical and scenario events

Evaluate historical and hypothetical what-ifs with relevant data from multiple sources. Measure portfolio performance consistently so you can manage your risk. Build intuition around claims and catastrophe model outputs.

SpatialKey Event Response App Suite


European Windstorm


Hurricane Forecast

Past Hurricane Scenario

Severe Storms


Leverage the power of data

Data is a critical component in helping insurers make better decisions and remain competitive. With SpatialKey, you can access the most relevant data and models available in the industry. Plus, make use of your own external or in-house hazard, exposure and experience data, to make data-driven decisions for your business. Insurity’s SpatialKey solutions are data agnostic and regularly continue to partner with leading data providers to deliver breadth and choice to insurers.

Read more about our data partners.

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Automation can reduce the cost of a claims journey by as much as 30%*

Digital disruption in insurance: Cutting through the noise, McKinsey & Company, 2017


Not All Clouds are Created Equal

Insurity is the leading cloud solutions provider for property and casualty insurance, with more cloud deployments than any other provider in the industry. Insurity’s multi cloud view, and public and private cloud capabilities provide flexibility and options to meet clients’ business, infosec and regulatory requirements.

Over 250 clients in the Cloud

Users in over 100 countries


“Four nines” of availability

years of experience delivering core systems in the cloud

With Insurity’s SaaS offerings, clients can focus on growing their business, instead of worrying about their IT infrastructure.

Data Anytime, Anywhere

Accessing your data shouldn't get in the way of analyzing it. You can be up and running with our cloud-based solutions in literally hours—with no IT support. Alternatively, SpatialKey solutions can integrate directly within your workflow.
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Three Easy Ways to Integrate

  • Streamline
    Visualize your exposure data immediately and cut out manual translation with our ETL application which supports connection to your SQL server to extract data from the RMS® EDM (Exposure Data Model).  Learn more.
  • Automate
    Load any data and as many data sources as you need to make quick and informed business decisions with our Data Management API, which consists of REST-based services.  Learn more.
  • Integrate
    Give business users a single, integrated workflow option.  Embedded Client API enables you to integrate the SpatialKey solutions directly into existing applications.  Learn more.

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