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SpatialKey Solutions

Insurity’s SpatialKey solutions empower insight through data enrichment and geospatial insurance analytics technology that simplifies how P&C insurers assess and manage risk across underwriting, exposure management, and claims operations. As the leading insurance analytics solution for risk management in the industry, SpatialKey solutions serve 200+ direct and indirect carriers, brokers, and MGAs.

SpatialKey Underwriting

Access data for 12+ hazards from 20+ expert data providers through an intuitive application or APIs for embedded workflow that enables you to evaluate risk and understand potential portfolio accumulations prior to binding.


  • What hazards is this policy exposed to?
  • Do I want to write it?
  • Does it fit within my risk appetite and underwriting and portfolio accumulation guidelines?

SpatialKey Exposure Management

Enable a comprehensive view of risk by exploring correlations among exposure, loss, hazard, claims, and market data, as well as examining risk drivers and regional concentrations—all within a single platform.


  • What’s the composition of my exposure accumulations?
  • What’s the potential financial impact?
  • Where are my adverse risk accumulations?

SpatialKey Event Response

Stay in-the-know with automated event analysis, using data from 10 expert sources, and receive alerts that notify you only when you need to care and with the analytics you need to understand financial impact, formulate your response, and provide proactive outreach.


  • What events are currently impacting my portfolio?
  • What’s my potential exposure?
  • Where should I prioritize and deploy claims resources?

Holborn Adopts SpatialKey Event Response

Holborn, a leading reinsurance broker, wanted a more advanced way to know when weather-hazard events occur, and to what extent they impacted or will impact the broker’s carrier clients. Read why they turned to the SpatialKey Event Response solution to understand the real-time impact of catastrophe events.

20+ Hazard and Event Data Partners

Easily access trusted hazard and event footprint data for flood, hurricane, wildfire, hail, and more, with the industry’s most robust open data ecosystem. Empower actionable insights and consistency across your organization by accessing all the data you need from a single platform. Don’t see what you need? Contact us and we’ll happily explore additional partners. Learn more here.

“Traditional CAT models may lack coverage for certain perils or regions, leaving substantial gaps. Our collaboration with Insurity, however, makes our CatNet data easily accessible through their robust underwriting solution—bringing insurers added choice and confidence in their underwriting decisions. In light of last year’s heavy catastrophe-related losses, deeper intelligence is needed to underwrite these volatile risks.” – Peter Hausmann, Head of NatCat and Engineering Solutions, Swiss Re

Data Anytime, Anywhere

Accessing your data shouldn’t get in the way of analyzing it. You can be up and running with our cloud-based solutions in literally hours—with no IT support. Alternatively, SpatialKey solutions can integrate directly within your workflow. Learn more here.



Visualize your exposure data immediately and cut out manual translation with our ETL application which supports connection to your SQL server to extract data from the RMS® EDM (Exposure Data Model).


Load any data and as many data sources as you need to make quick and informed business decisions with our Data Management API, which consists of REST-based services.


Give business users a single, integrated workflow option.  Embedded Client API enables you to integrate the SpatialKey solutions directly into existing applications.

SpatialKey Solution Use Cases

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How to use distance to coast data to inform your coastal risk

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SpatialKey Event Response: Severe Storms Case Study

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