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Valen Data Consortium

A Broader View

Insurity is the commercial lines market leader for proprietary data specifically designed to build analytics. Our data consortium totals $100B in premium across all standard P&C lines, and includes detailed, recent policy and claims data.  Providing a broader and deeper view of the market significantly enhances the predictive power of models.

  • Proprietary variables to propel model lift.
  • Anonymized datasets to provide insurers with robust sample sizes for model building.
  • Unparalleled analysis of cost/benefit of data sources, variable selection to drive superior ROI.

Best-in-Class Data Governance and Model Monitoring Capabilities

  • Anonymized – Your data is completely protected.
  • Cleansed – Your data has never looked so good.
  • Detailed – Policy, claims and underwriting inputs are standardized and normalized in a robust data warehouse.
  • Recent – We receive daily feeds of policy data.
  • Reportable – State of the art visual analytics allow you to analyze the impact of data-driven decisions on your performance.

Data Considerations for Predictive Modeling

Sample Size

Building robust predictive models takes gigantic amounts of data at a granular level. We recommend a database with 10,000 claims to be a sufficient sample size, which can be a combination of internal and external data.

Selection Bias

Risk appetites and growth/retention strategies skew the data. How will you round out the data to address biases?

Blind Spots

If growing into new markets is a priority, third-party data can fill in the gaps.

Insurity’s Predictive Modeling Capabilities

Insurity is a widely recognized leader in predictive modeling, and our cloud-based platform allows us to deploy solutions very quickly with minimal IT resources required. Within an applied analytics framework, every solution is:

  • Custom Built
    Every Insurity client has a custom model built for their business needs. No two models are the same.
  • Robust & Verified
    Our data assets, data management and predictive modeling practices are world-class. Your predictive model will perform as promised. Results show Insurity clients consistently outperform the market, with lower loss ratios and faster growth.
  • Integrated
    We have all the systems integration resources necessary to plug into your workflow in real-time for a seamless implementation.
  • Intuitive
    Our analytics are plainly explained and straightforward.
  • Fast
    Our average model build and deployment takes only 2-4 months.

Not All Clouds are Created Equal

Insurity is the leading cloud solutions provider for property and casualty insurance, with more cloud deployments than any other provider in the industry. Insurity’s multi cloud view, and public and private cloud capabilities provide flexibility and options to meet clients’ business, infosec and regulatory requirements.

Over 250 clients in the Cloud

Users in over 100 countries


“Four nines” of availability

years of experience delivering core systems in the cloud

With Insurity’s SaaS offerings, clients can focus on growing their business, instead of worrying about their IT infrastructure.