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Valen Solutions

Modernize your approach to pricing, risk selection, claims triage, and premium fraud with Insurity’s Valen solutions. Leveraging the Valen Data Consortium totaling $100B in premium, we are the P&C commercial lines market leader for proprietary data, advanced analytics, and predictive modeling.


Tomorrow’s business strategies may not be reflected in your data. Perhaps you want to expand into new regions or industries. Without the right data, how can you look at the past to inform the future? The Valen Data Consortium contains the most predictive power available in the P&C industry.  


As the industry’s foremost leader in predictive modeling, Insurity clients beat the market performance for loss ratio improvement and profitable growth. No two models are ever the same. Your model will be custom-built to address your strategic business needs and objectives. 


Our Valen Analytics InsureRight® Platform goes beyond enabling the technical integration within your systems. We work with you to implement and manage business rules that turn raw model scores and predictions into confident business recommendations.

Data Analytics Outlook Report

Our 2020 Outlook Report highlights the latest trends in data analytics impacting P&C insurers, including how the market is maturing, the use of AI in underwriting, third-party data, and more. Some key findings include:  

  • 37.3% of insurers are using AI in their underwriting practices
  • 84% of respondents value underwriting analytics most for better risk assessment
  • 74% of respondents leverage underwriting analytics for better pricing

Outperforming the Market

Our most recent ROI study revealed that clients using our workers’ comp predictive models experienced a loss ratio that’s 7% lower than the industry average, equating to $467 million in additional profit, over the past six years.

The following client stories outline further success that insurers have seen using our solutions.

FBFS Success Story

Farm Bureau Financial Services faced challenges that needed solutions fast. Our applied analytics methodology and deployment of predictive models into the decision workflow using the Valen InsureRight Platform drove underwriting profitability in workers’ compensation, and nabbed Farm Bureau a Celent Model Insurer Award.

HEMIC Success Story

HEMIC, Hawaii’s largest work comp insurer, has responded to incredible industry growth while delivering superior underwriting performance. After leveraging the Valen InsureRight Platform to implement our predictive modeling solutions, they grew 114% in just 4 years.

FHM Insurance Success Story

FHM Insurance is a growing company looking to improve operating performance and create profitable growth. Read how they were able to improve their loss ratio in growth markets by 25% in just 2 years.

Sophisticated Data Analytics for a Complex Market

Understanding the past helps you move into the future with confidence. But tomorrow’s business strategies might not be reflected in your current data. We’ll work with you to use a variety of data assets, along with your future business strategies, to build and deploy predictive models for underwriting that you can trust.

Leverage Data

  • Access a representative view of the entire market with the industry’s leading data assets for commercial and personal lines
  • Get the intelligence needed to grow and expand into new markets using third-party data
  • Extract measurable value from your data for more informed decisions

Inform Decisions

  • Get real-time, data-driven insights when quoting or renewing business with custom predictive models
  • Avoid adverse risk selection with predictive models for pricing, premium fraud, and payroll misclassification
  • Predict the severity of claims with better insight into their complexity and trajectory

Deploy Models

  • Deploy predictive models seamlessly into your business workflows, for both underwriting and claims
  • Get underwriting analytics and recommendations for premium ranges, pricing factors, and company or tier placement
  • Make proactive moves by monitoring your business in real time

Market-leading Results

Baldwins Lyons Success Story

Commercial Auto Success Story

Strategic Leadership Makes the Case for Predictive Analytics

Niche Carrier Sees 11 to 17-Point Loss Ratio Advantage vs. Industry Average

Top 5 Homeowner Insurer Saves $7M in One Year

2020 Outlook Report

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