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Workers’ CompXPress Suite

The Leading All-in-One Workers’ Compensation Solution

The Workers’ CompXPress Suite offers the only digital workers’ compensation center of excellence in the industry and has a perfect 100% installation-to-production success record over 20 years and 30+ clients.

  • End-to-End Automation
    Seamless, automated integration across our comprehensive policy, billing, claims and analytics components.
  • Flexible Functionality
    A unique combination of features and content provide an engaging user experience with flexibility and speed across all distribution channels.
  • Actionable Analytics
    Clear, insightful analytics incorporates data from across the suite, for product and program development, underwriting, and claims processing.

Deliver Better Service More Efficiently

Achieve workflow and document automation, high levels of configurability, security, and e-mail integration quickly and easily through the Insurity Hybrid Cloud.


  • Automate Workflows
    From the arrival of a new application, a new report of injury or the closing of a claim, the Workers’ CompXPress Suite automatically triggers workflow assignments based on unique client rules, adding efficiency and reliability to completion of required actions.
  • Powerful Automated Billing
    The powerful Workers’ Comp Connect billing module offers easy configurability and extensive process automation across all aspects of billing, receipts and online payment management.
  • Unmatched Claims Automation
    The highly productive and accurate claims functionality includes unmatched automation in claims workflow and document/form generation, reporting/EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), state-specific FROI (First Report of Injury), payments and provider management.

The Next Generation of Workers’ Comp Software 

Our Workers’ CompXPress Suite leads the industry with rich browser-based policy and claims administration, integrated billing, agent and policyholder web portals and data analytics.

Self-Service Web Portals

Online, agencies, policyholders and claims clients can access information and reports, process applications, receive quotes, pay bills, enter payroll for billing and enter first reports of injury.

Leverage the Power of Data

Clients can find the information they need through dashboards, ad hoc reports and dynamic, drill-down data analytics.

Extensive Document Management Functionality

Policy forms, claim forms, letters and other correspondence are all automated through the powerful document generation engine. Documents are automatically attached to the proper policy, claim and client.

Solid Foundation Drives Business Results

Workers’ CompXPress Suite acommodates the varied needs and preferences of different carriers, states, individual users and state requirements.


  • Automation Delivers
    Events such as the arrival of a new application, a new report of injury or the closing of a claim triggers configured work assignments based on unique to add efficiency and reliability to completion of required actions.
  • Contact Management
    Unlike traditional systems that store the same contact for billing, audit and claims separately, the Workers’ CompXPress Suite stores each contact once, referencing noting the multiple roles, to easily view all activity for the contact.
  • External Systems Interface
    Workers’ CompXPress Suite provides interfaces with outside systems through web services (such as ISO ClaimSearch), standard file formats (such as WCPOLS and Claims EDI) and specific custom-designed interfaces.

Not All Clouds are Created Equal

Insurity is the leading cloud solutions provider for property and casualty insurance, with more cloud deployments than any other provider in the industry. Insurity’s multi cloud view, and public and private cloud capabilities provide flexibility and options to meet clients’ business, infosec and regulatory requirements.

Over 250 clients in the Cloud

Users in over 100 countries


“Four nines” of availability

years of experience delivering core systems in the cloud

With Insurity’s SaaS offerings, clients can focus on growing their business, instead of worrying about their IT infrastructure.