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Workers’ CompXPress

Easily Delivers Business Efficiency

Workers’ CompXPress is an integrated policy and billing system that allows clients to manage the entire lifecycle of a workers’ compensation policy from application/quote to renewal or cancellation.

  • Multi-State Rating Engine
    The system facilitates rating policies across different states, rate tiers and rating algorithms.
  • Application Processing and Quoting
    The application system supports multi-state and multi-location entries and can produce multiple quotes per application based on different workers’ compensation plans.
  • Ultimate Usability
    Provides outstanding flexibility for rating, billing and payments. Tracking can be done at the master policy level or the subsidiary levels.

Speeds Up Fundamental Business Processes  

Robust workflow system includes class codes, industry, loss ratio, location and years in business as well as client-specific underwriting rules for new business and renewals.


  • Policy Form Generation
    Built-in logic pre-populates policy and endorsement forms, auto-generates and prints forms in batch or individually.
  • Policy Management
    Rules-based rating plans and rating schemas are initially defined and used to govern the creation of each policy so multi-state, multi-location policies can be administered with credits/debits and other factors allocated appropriately for each unit.
  • Cancellation/Reinstatement Management
    Identifies and processes policies that are delinquent in payment or have failed to fulfill other obligations such as sending in periodically reported payroll.

Perfect Partner for Insurers

Unique end-to-end systems offer the latest technology, deepest functionality and a range of implementation, deployment and support options. All are customizable.

Agency Information Management
Tiered hierarchy maintains all data and actions associated with agency, branch, broker or agent and customer service representative including streamlined data entry.
Renewal Processing and Renewal Quotes
The renewal process provides a framework under which policies can be flagged for automatic renewal or underwriter review.
Reports, Custom Reports, Ad-hoc Information
Includes many common financial, management and exception reports, as well as advanced reporting capabilities and a popular dashboard view with easy-to-understand visual graphics.

Other Options & Features Add Efficiencies

Workers’ CompXPress also offers other options and features that reduce costs and increase efficiencies in workers’ compensation policy administration, including:

  • Policy & Unit Statistical Reporting (WCPOLS, WCSTAT)
  • Dividend Plan Processing
  • Incurred & Paid Loss Retro Plan Processing
  • Experience Mod Promulgation
  • Consent to Rate Support

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