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Bill It Now

State-of-the-art, Comprehensive, Secure

Designed for insurance, Bill It Now is a powerful, end-to-end billing and payments solution, delivering comprehensive functionality and a modern, client-branded experience to policyholders over a highly-secure, cloud-based platform.

Key Platform Features and Benefits

  • Direct Bill
    Maintain your competitive edge by offering payments over time. Fully configurable installment plans can be created to bill your policyholders directly, alleviating costly and intensive agency billing workloads. It also eliminates the need to place individual premium financing contracts, keeping your pricing competitive.
  • Work Comp Billing
    Monthly reporting is an option to direct billing, allowing your policyholders to report payroll on a monthly basis, calculating and remitting their premium owed for the month.
    Enable seasonal and transitional policyholders to pay premium in accordance with their cash flow, avoiding large audit amounts at the end of the term. Reported payroll is remitted to the carrier for coding. Payroll service integration (pay-as-you-go) is also available, where the payroll service reports payroll and calculates premium with no direct involvement from the policyholder.
  • Agency Billing
    Bill It Now can handle those products and agencies that just don’t belong on direct bill. Policies on agency bill can be collected net of agency commission, and agency statements are reconciled and remitted online.
  • Credit Card Processing
    Adding credit card capabilities, especially in an online environment, can be an expensive and complicated endeavor. With Bill It Now, this process is fully integrated into the solution. We handle everything including the online payment environment removing your network from PCI scope.
  • Call Center
    Let our highly-trained, US-staffed call center professionals handle inbound billing and payment inquiries from insureds and brokers, enabling you to focus your time and resources on your core business.
  • Receivables Management
    While we recommend installment plans that keep collection ahead of the earned premium, sometimes uncollected earned premium and unproductive audits are unavoidable. We partner with high-quality national agencies to manage the premium collections process when needed.
  • Lockbox Administration
    Through our secure smart lockbox technology, we will handle all inbound paper checks. Invoice coupons are scanned and applied electronically. Checks arriving on cancelled policies are stopped without being deposited, ensuring the carrier does not get trapped into paying for a loss on a cancelled policy.

Insurance Carriers

Unlike systems designed for premium finance that do not handle direct bill in an efficient and value-added manner, the Bill It Now solution has been designed from the ground up as a direct bill platform that provides for the needs of the MGA while keeping the carrier’s best interests in mind.


  • Reduce administrative overhead
  • Stop absorbing financing fees in pricing
  • Reduce collection activity

Managing General Agencies

MGAs face a dilemma:  They want the power of a direct bill solution, but typically do not want to share their confidential broker listings to their carriers.  Through the Bill It Now solution, MGAs can get the functionality they need while protecting their valuable information.


  • Empower brokers to self-serve
  • Eliminate reconciliation of broker commission
  • Reduce phone traffic for billing questions


With today’s demand for installment options, premium finance or agency bill on installment are becoming the primary options. Premium finance is a lot of up-front work and expensive for the insured. Agency bill on installment is labor intensive, and the exposure of uncollected earned premium can quickly consume commission revenue. Bill It Now a direct bill solution, providing remittances in advance of carrier payments.


  • No need to rely on a third-party for answers to your customer
  • Reduce non-payment ratio through statement branding
  • Stop dealing with cumbersome premium finance contracts

“Bill It Now’s flexibility made the implementation process quick and easy. Their straightforward system and responsive support allows my agents to concentrate on what they need to do: produce and service. Also, moving my book from one carrier to another was seamless. I can confidently work on growth knowing that Bill It Now can handle my current and future needs.”


Gerry den Boggende
Strategic Insurance Underwriters
“It is a real pleasure working with you. I appreciate all the hoops you and your entire team have been jumping through to get everything in that we’ve requested. It’s nice working with easy-going people like you.”


Barbara Anderson
Bellingham Underwriters